Inside The World Of A Porn Star

In the rapidly growing market of pornography, many women and men become porn stars simply for the money involved and to satisfy their own nymphomania. With the internet and sites like and ExtraLunchMoney literally allowing anyone anywhere with a webcam and a sex drive to break into the world of pornography, never before has the world seen such drastically different ideas of the image of female sexuality. From petite Asian geishas with taut excited breasts and pale tight pussies, to plump tattooed American red heads in black high heels masturbating for your pleasure, these days the true definition of porn star is anyone who can get you off.

In the professional world, porn stars often go into the industry because of their outgoing and flirty personality and their love of making money and having amazing sex. Many porn stars work on several different films throughout the day, and could be taking cock in their pussy, ass, or throat for up to five hours at a time. Girls in the industry remain limber and able to perform through Kegel exercises and other aerobics to build muscle to take cock in their mouth, pussy, and ass. Often times, porn stars that are no longer interested in working in front of the camera go on to direct and produce films.

In amateur porn, many women, men, and couples start making films for extra money, their love of sexual exhibition, and often times to get off themselves. Where professional porn stars streamline and beautify their scenes, the best amateur porn stars give you the realistic sensation of their nasty acts and fetishes that at one time didn’t exist within the industry. Now not only can you see beautiful women make themselves cum or take cock for your pleasure, if you have a foot fetish there are plenty of porn stars that cater to people wanting to watch them cum as they spread their toes, if you love BBW there are plenty of porn stars ready to get fucked in their fat folds for you. Amateur porn stars have truly revolutionized the industry.

Porn star classics like Jenna Jameson and Nina Hartley allowed for the girl centered website rise of the mid two-thousands with actress like Sasha Grey, Misti Dawn, and Joanna Angel, which in turn gave rise to the modern amateur porn star industry with break-out stars like Chyna Haze, Alyssa Jones, and Luxurious Love. With so many different porn stars in the modern industry, there is a porn star and a video or photo series for everyone to cum hard to.